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Published on 7 May 2024 at 11:27

“Beyond the Mic: Twenty Years & Counting in the Evolving World of Radio”

     During my semester-long internship with Hot 91.1 WNSB, I embraced the multifaceted role of an Announcer, Producer, and Voice-over Artist. From the comfort of my home studio, equipped with an On Stage Mic Stand, Studio One professional DAW, and the pristine clarity of an M7 microphone, I was instrumental in creating the ‘Hot 91 Events’ campaign. Utilizing Adobe Audition for precise editing, AKG Headphones for critical listening, and a high-density Microphone Filter Foam for optimal sound absorption and noise reduction, I meticulously recorded a plethora of audio segments, each ranging from 10 to 30 seconds. These segments, crafted with professional-grade recording equipment optimized for condenser microphones, were a testament to my growing technical skills and ability to capture the essence of events in brief yet impactful narratives, leaving a lasting impression on our listeners.

     As an undergraduate producer and musician, I started my journey with WNSB in the early 2000s, eventually becoming a mid-day on-air personality. Now, re-entering academia 20 years later to pursue a master's degree in media management, I've refined my skills in engaging listeners with clear and enthusiastic content delivery, enhanced by my home studio's high-quality setup. As a producer, I've advanced in audio editing and production, ensuring each segment is polished and ready for broadcast, utilizing the sophisticated features of Studio One and Adobe Audition. In my capacity as a voice-over artist, I've showcased my adaptability and versatility, tailoring my vocal performances to fit a variety of event themes and audiences. The AKG headphones and microphone filter foam have been instrumental in preserving the audio quality by eliminating unwanted background noise.

     Leveraging the professional-grade capabilities of my home studio to deliver exceptional audio content provides a flexible lifestyle. It is a skill I will always continue to learn and master. I am incredibly enthusiastic about continuing my professional development in media through another internship, possibly this summer. I am eager to deepen my involvement with the station’s community presence, contributing to its outreach and engagement efforts. This will allow me to become involved in public appearances, where I can merge my passion for media with philanthropy. The goal is to embody the spirit of community and connection while contributing to the success of a professional media organization.


Maisha J. Harris



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